Macon County Schools

Substitute Teachers for the 22-23 School Year

If you are interested in becoming a New Substitute Teacher in Macon County School System for the 22-23 School Year, the following steps must be taken in order for employment.
1. Background Check by the Macon County School System-email Cindy Freeman for the background registration information.
2. Complete the Online Application for Substitute Teacher for the 22-23 SY on the Macon County Schools website.
3. Online training for Substitute Teachers-online training will be made available upon approval of Background Check and Application by the Director of Schools. The online training will be accessed through MyBenefitsChannel. An email will be sent with instructions for online training and how to register for a MyBenefitsChannel account. If you have any questions, please email
New Substitute Teachers will be hired for the 22-23 SY School Year upon the completion and approval of the Background Check, Application and Online Training.

Returning Substitute Teachers
If you were hired as a Substitute Teacher anytime during the 21-22 school year, online training will be made available once you have completed the Macon County Schools online application for Substitute Teacher for the 22-23 School Year.

Once the application has been submitted, online training will be assigned. The training will be in the same format as last year. An email with further instructions concerning the online training will be sent as soon as the online trainings are available.

Online training will be accessed through MyBenefitsChannel. You will need to log in to your MyBenefitsChannel account in order to be able to access the assigned trainings.
If you have problems with the MyBenefitsChannel login, please call MyBenefitsChannel at 800-435-5023.